Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday Gator!!

Malo Soifua Aiga!!!

Dang crazy week all around! Not really too much to write because I got to talk to you all on Christmas which honestly was my favorite gift. So happy that you all got the box, and I hope you enjoyed your gifts!

Mo'o and Mom at Christmas breakfast. DELICIOUS!!! :)

 Here's the update:

-Elder Mo'o and I were going to a lesson when I had an impression to get on my knees and say a prayer. It was kinda strange because we were on a kind of messed up road in the jungle--but we listened to the prompting and it was a really cool experience. The rest of the day we had really good lessons and gave out a Tusi A Mamona (Book of Mormon).  Sometimes we get small strange and sometimes seemingly awkward promptings.  But I promise you that as you listen to them, you will receive unseen blessings.

-Transfer calls were last night and Elder Mo'o is going to Upolu. 
I have been Malolo'd and am no longer a DL. However, I am now a trainer! I pick up my new comp wednesday. His name is Elder Auguso (I think) and he is from Australia. I'm a little worried about my language but the family says they will help me out.

-It's weird but I'm officially 19! Dang this year went by so fast! 

Thank you Valentine for my pug shirt ;)

-Thank you soo much for the Birthday gifts!!! I love the Uke. Can't wait to have a jam sesh haha
Remember to be thankful for all of the little things.  For me I'm thankful for:

-Freedom of Religion
-My Family
-A hot slice of pepperoni pizza
-Filberto's California Burritos
-Washing Machines
-Hot showers

That's honestly the biggest things that have happened. My mind is still racing from the transfers! It'll all go well though. I'll make sure to write more next week. I LOVE YOU ALL! 

Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunter S.G.

Gator Humor:

I got bored and wrote "SH" on our fan that is an AKIRA fan.
It makes me laugh whenever I see it haha

Some see cute little puppies....Elder Langi sees two little plump steaks hahaha
PS. Is Tilley still fat?

PPS. Is there a Jenny Craig thing for dogs?  JK Love you big booty Judy!

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