Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm officially a time traveler!

Malo Soifua Aiga!

Oh the stories I have to tell you all this week hahaha All I have to
say is enjoy:

-While serving in Lotopa those 4 days with Elder Harn and Nausa, a
lady bought us all lunch and started talking to us. 
Here name is Sister Sherman and she lives in Boston. She apparently grew up and
went to Pesega (the church college here) and went to school with
Brother Schwenke and wanted me to say hi. Her Maiden name was Moores,
and she was really nice. Small world haha

-I came over on Wednesday on this sketchy plane and got to Tutuila on
Tuedsay. I'm officially a time-traveler :)

Tutuila is so much different then Savaii. Sidewalks, everyone has a
truck, American products...Needless to say I am very happy here :) It
is still kind of a culture shock but I am really enjoying it :)

-My ward is really strong and has almost 500 members, only about 248
came on Sunday so I will be working primarily with less-actives. 
I met a guy who calls himself "U.S.A" hahaha he won't tell me his real name

-I officially ate the legendary Marvin Burger. 3 patties, 3 pieces of
cheese, and 3 pieces of bacon...I was in heaven hahaha :) I've made a
rule that I can only have 2 a month haha

-I met Brent Schwenke, Brother Schwenke's older brother. He is in a
different ward, but we all go to the same chapel. It was really cool!
He sends his love  :)

I have 10 in my district, I walk everywhere, tons of hills
which is good .   I'm adjusted, and working hard! 
My comp is a stud :) I LOVE TUTUILA!!!!!

-I'll be sending my camera home because it broke...:( Do you mind
trying to fix it? Thanks :)

Oh and I got bit by a dog...they are terrible here!!! Luckily it was
just a taster-it didn't break the skin but yeah… I used my umbrella against it, so I have to buy another one because one dog
bit a huge chunk in it…hahaha

It has been a culture shock but it has been good :) I hope you all
have a great week :)

Alofa atu outou!
Elder Hunter

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tiiihhooo! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cyclones just make life more interesting!

Malo Soifua Aiga!

Well, this week has been quite an interesting one. But I don't know if I'm going to tell you about it. I'll give you all some hints though: sleeping on the floor for 4 days, McDonald's, spiders, warm showers, possible new area. And that is all I'm saying hahaha just leave it up to your imagination :)
One of my best friends out here Elder Pasia and me. He is a native form Upolu

To answer your other questions:

-Yes I think my language is getting better. I am understanding most everything that is said to me, and I can hold a decent conversation. I'm really working on being able to tell more about myself rather than ask questions (I think I ask too many questions :) haha ). 

-My companion is doing pretty good, he has been sick the past week, but I think he is going to be getting better soon, I also think that he is very ready to train and that he probably will next transfer (which is next week) 

-I always think about why I was sent to Samoa. For most of my mission I've been one of two palagi's on Savaii and many times have questioned why I was sent here. However, I continually am learning why. One example of this is how giving Samoans are. They would give the shirts off of there backs if you wanted it. I truly love that about there culture and the way they respect their guests. I'm always learning from the people here as well as the Aganu'u (culture).

-All has been good with my leaders. It has been a little difficult sometimes in my zone because there are only 8 of us, but we make it work. It has been a great learning experience and I have gotten really tight with some members of my zone. 
Zone conference we had with all of Savaii this week

Well that's all I've got for you all. I'm happy you had a great vacation and look forward to going on them again with you all! 

Alofa tele atu outou!
Elder Hunter 
PS:  cyclones just make life more interesting :)

cows on the road that blocked our way haha we had to wait until a bus came through to get to our conference :)

I was happy

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Will Snap your Fingers Off

haha I look like a who from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Malo Soifua Aiga!
Well it was a pretty good week this week. We honestly worked really hard. Here is the update :

- We had two splits this week with our zone leaders and the A.P's which was cool.
 Really helped with the area as well as my language. I got some great tips for conversational stuff so that was nice.

first hamburger in 6 months. I had to ask our Z.L's to go into town to get it. It was cold and nothing like and American one, but I think I shed a few tears when I saw it :)

-Olina's baptism is set for this saturday, here interview is friday but assuming all goes well she will be baptized on saturday :) 
Our new chapel in Fagafau got blessed this past sunday so she will be the first baptism in it which will be cool.
So blowing bubbles haha

-Crazy about Nate and congrats to Maddie, Quinn,Grant, and Josh! I'm so happy for them :)
(Nathan Lee is coming home soon, Maddie and Quinn got into BYU, Grant played his first LAX game at Furman and Josh Hunter got a call to serve in San Fernando Valley, CA Spanish speaking mission)

-I got to here from Will which was cool, I wrote him back and he sounds good.
U'U totally crushed my pen and apparently will snap your finger off hahaa

All is going well between me and my comp. We are on week 10 of our training so three more to go. I'll keep you all updated for transfers. 

Answers to questions:
Savaii is the most beatiful of the three inhabited islands and the culture is the strongest here which is really helping with the language. 

I hope you all have a great week :)
Alofa Atu Outou!
Elder Hunter