Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Matai Status

Malo Soifua Aiga!

Papi HAPPY FATHER"S DAY!!!!! Manuia le Aso Tama!!!!

It was a pretty normal week this week, but I do have some stories so enjoy :) :
-I love the kids over here. They are so creative! 
They were showing us their "cars" the other day, which was a box that they crawled in :). I have this video and it is so funny :)

Samoan kid's cars :)

-Basically our entire island, except for us, got transferred this past tuesday…..yeah… a lot of new faces.

-A ward member gave a talk yesterday and he totally forgot to finish it…he just kind of walked off..haha everyone was laughing really hard!

-We joined our ward choir, so that has been really cool. I really feel the spirit when I sing hymns in Samoan. Their voices are way better than Palagis haha.  IDK if I'm a tenor or a bass haha my comp says Im a soprano...

And that's it.. Enjoy!
ALofa Atu,
Elder Hunter

Monday, June 15, 2015

My laundry was meow-ing

Malo Soifua Aiga!

A pretty mellow week. Graduation is finally over, but this week was pretty slow. 
Here is the update:

-One of our less-actives apparently is a musician. He wrote a song called "Pule i le Alii" (Authority is God's) which was an anti-gay/ anti-Obama song. Pretty interesting.

-My comp and I are staying put! The work is still the same. All less-actives. But we saw 5 at church this week, so I'm doing my job :) 

-I officially have a Fijian Seamstress. Her name is Ole and she is a super nice lady! She said that my companion and are are her kids and that she will do all of our sewing for free. Pretty awesome :)

-A lady in my ward bought a bunch of sodas on Sunday and started passing them out to all of the men wishing them a Happy Fathers day....It was pretty funny haha.

And that's about it.. I hope you all have a great week :)
Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunter

I found this guy in my washer today. I was wondering why my laundry was meow-ing :)

Sorry for the delay, our internet went down and we had to switch chapels to email

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Luckily it is still in good shape

It was kind of a slow week, but I still had some stories. Everyone is graduating here so things have been a little hectic. So weird....that was just a year ago for me...time is flying! Well, here is the update:
-One of the lo'omatua's (Old lady) in my ward told asked her son at our Fafaga how he was ever going to get a wife if he didn't go on a mission...hahaha I don't know it just sounded really funny in Samoan :)

Tama Samoa!!!
Just helping a family fai le saka 

When they aren't fa'i pula or ripe they have to be skinned like that. They then boil the banana and it tastes like a potato

-We were on a visit, and when we left I couldn't find my shoe...we searched around for a good 15 minutes until we found the dog that had it....that was interesting..Luckily it is still in good shape :)

-My companion needed his pants fixed this week, so we went to one of the many Phillipino sewing shops here. To our surprise, the main seamster who we usually go to totally ran away aand is starting his own shop, out of our area....So yeah...crazy Philipino sewing shop story. Enjoy :) 

That's really it for this week. I hope you all have a good one :)

Alofa tele Atu,
Elder Tulimanu

I'm going to name my son Manu. It means animal.  Manu Hunter. Gangster.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Jesus would have a lot of friends on Facebook

Malo Soifua Aiga!

It has been on and off raining this week, but I feel focused.  No, I didn't get bit, but Honey tried to this week. I was very lucky. 

I decided to take notes of the stories that happened throughout the week, so enjoy:

-We went to a primary baptism this week to support our ward, and the girl's father made a joke at his wife for being healthy every day except for Sunday. 
A little blunt, but I thought it was pretty funny....Needless to say she came to church the next day :) 

-We were doing faitotota tu'itu'i (Door Knocking), and we came across this Philipino guy. He had no English and starting getting mad at his dogs for barking so he totally Karate kicked it and yelling at them in Tagala. Random story, but it was quite the funny sight. 

-I guy in church was saying how important technology is in spreading the Gospel. He then went a little off-track and started saying how Jesus would have a lot of friends on facebook....yeah.
A cool missionary experience I had actually had to do with scouting. 
The Scouting program is actually getting  really big over here. Mostly because a lot of kids over here want to go to the Army. Well, our ward had a Court of Honor, and we may be receiving some new investigators because they are interested in getting their kids in the scouting program. 
It was cool telling our ward members that I had my Eagle. They actually may ask us to help them with some stuff so that was cool. I'm grateful that you guys kept me in the program so thank you :)

That's about it. I hope you all have a great week :)
Alofa Tele Atu,
Elder Hunter