Sunday, October 26, 2014

Will I eat it again?…..NAW

Talofa Aiga,

Since my time in Samoa I've come to learn the golden rule of Samoa:
Expect the unexpected

I apologize for not writing last week. Email is a serious struggle sometimes here. It was extremely difficult because we had enough internet gigabytes to read our emails but not enough to send any out. 

When I read mom's email last week, I had a very difficult time. I know we have grown apart a little over the past couple of years, but I've known Brady for a long time. I was crying and praying for his family that entire night. That next morning, I felt a certain peace. I knew that this was an extremely difficult thing, but I also was so happy for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.
 I know that we will see our loved ones again. 
This life is not the end. 
Please let the Greens know of my love for them and their son. 

Well, here is some of the info you were supposed to get last week:

-I officially got my first baptism! Her name was Ituau and it was an amazing experience. No big deal, but I said it in perfect Samoan. :) The Baptism was awesome!!! the water was nasty though. I probably have some type of skin disease haha

-A Tongan elder in my district ate a dog last week, and it happened to be a family's dog…so that was fun haha

-I am currently in the lead for most bizarre mission food. First the U'u (Lobra)but I've recently topped it with a delicacy here. It's called Palolo  (I know Auntie Amy is smiling right now :) ). It only comes once a year so it's very expensive here, and the whole village shuts down to go catch it... Very salty, but its alright. 

Will I eat it again? 

Palolo is Coral Sperm…So to all my friends in the mission field beat that haha

Very grateful that Amy and Lucky are good. SHOW THEM THIS NEXT EMAIL haha I know they will love it! 

I have a feeling I'm getting transferred in the next three weeks for follow up training. FOBing out hahaa

Congrats to Nate! 

I asked about what he liked in his care packages. Here's Gator's response:
Breakfast- Bars
Healthy food!!!! mostly snacks  idk
stuff with fiber. Nature valley bars. regular cliff bars. anything that I can eat throughout the day. The apple sauce was good, just not too filling. I'll take anything. BEEF JERKEY please!!!  I asked for a salad one time, and they didn't know what it was...

I love you all so much and hope you are all doing well. The Gospel is so true. Tell everyone and anyone. Be bold.

Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunter S.G.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Crying over SPAM

Talofa Aiga,

Another week on the island of Samoa!!! Never a dull moment here haha.
Dang crazy to here about Hamilton, I can only imagine what that film session was like the next morning...

 Chad has his papers in!!! That's amazing! My guess: England. We'll see what happens but that's great! Well here is the update:
-My first baptism is on October 18th! Her name is Ituau, and I'm super excited for her. It's been amazing watching how the Gospel has changed her life. No it will not be in the ocean haha they have fonts here.

-I'm getting better at teaching the lessons in Samoan which is good. I need to get better at my conversational stuff but it's all good.

-A previous companion, got sent home last week. He was at another members house playing pool, when his new comp brought a girl into their house. the epikopo came in and beat up his comp. He got sent home for not being with his comp. I'm very grateful and blessed to be out of that situation because it could have been me getting sent home for the other Elder being stupid.

-I had the best Fofoga ever the other night!!! Rice, Tang, Chop Suey, and Fried SPAM!!! We never get Spam out here and it was amazing...I'm not going to lie I shed a little tear when she brought it out. :)

So conference kind of sucked here haha. They told us they were going to get an English version, but they didn't. All Samoan...Didn't understand like any of it. Bummer... 
Oh so you'll love this. They had the broadcast at the ward building on Sunday. We watched the first session, and then the Bishop got tired and told everybody that the Stake President told him that they didn't have to watch the second session, so no one watched the second session of sunday...only in Samoa
Spiritual Story:
I wanted to do something from conference but that didn't really happen. But I've been reading "Our Search For Happiness." M. Russell Ballard. Amazing book! So well written. I'd like to make the challenge for you all to read it and then share it. It is such a great description of our church and what we are all about. Please share with your friends of other faiths. BE BOLD! I look back and regret not taking advantage of missionary opportunities I had at home.
Reccomendatiion to future missionaries:
Don't purchase anything from Palmeroy's or Mr. Mac, all of my stuff from there is kinda falling apart. Thankful for tape haha
Mother, it usually takes about 2-4 weeks for mail to get to me. My day is filled with lots of visits and lessons. I sent a letter that goes into better detail. I have gotten a lot of mail from you all including Nana's packages and Mama Pierce's. I wrote them back. All is going well. Keep sending mail and packages! They really make P-Day. Ou te alofa ia te outou!
Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunter

Monday, October 6, 2014

Care Packages

Talofa Aiga!

 Yet another interesting week in SAMOA!!! Never a dull moment here. Wow where to start. O.K here I go:
-I think the rats that live above us had babies because there are definitely a lot more and Elder Mo'o just had some pee all over his suitcase...awesome

-My Samoan is improving, slowly, but getting better. It's funny listening to the other Elders who have been out here for a year try to speak English.

-To answer your question mom. I don't really have a bed, it's kind of live a super thin piece of yeah haha but I'm used to it and I'm usually so tired I knock out anyways.

-I'm getting more used to the food, but I still get sick sometimes. I got to eat Lobster the other day though, not Lobra for once, actual Lobster. I think it's safe to say I'm one of the only missions that gets that!

-Obedience to not watching t.v. is kind of impossible here. We were at the Fofoga at Bishop's the other night and they had the T.V. on. I asked if they could turn it off, and he said, "You can close your eyes elder." So yeah, that's Samoa haha

-They have the worst remixes here haha. They combined a Little John song with another rapper and a reggae song haha.

-We cover three wards here: Samata muamua, Samata lua, and Fagafou. We usually go to two wards every sunday. You thought three hours of church was long, try six in a language you still don't understand very well...fantastic

-really looking forward to General Conference, We may get it in English! we will be watching this sunday at the stake center.
So spiritual story:

I was on a split with the zone leaders in a village called FaleLima. This guy in our ward asked if we could pray for him because he wasn't having very good thoughts and was all around having a bad day. I told him we could give him a blessing, and so I did. Awesome experience! Very cool, and you could tell there was a significant difference made.
Funny story:

They didn't have any bread for sacrament this they used cookies instead... I can honestly say that was a first. Elder Mo'o and I were cracking up though because after it was passed, one of the deacons shoved like four cookies in his mouth haha!
All is going well here though. I love you all so much! KEEP WRITING!!! I have gotten your letters and I love them. I need to be better at writing rather that emails. Also send packages we love them here haha. Alofa Atu!

Elder Hunter S.G.

Separate E-mail to his sister:

Rian Marie,
Thank You so much for the email I loved It!!!! Keep writing please. And get mom to send me some more packages :) O te alofa ia te oe!
Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunter S.G.