Monday, August 25, 2014

He's Arrived!!

 Mark and I received the best call possible tonight- Sister Tolman, called to let us know that Gator had arrived safely in Samoa!

The  Elders were worn out, and Sister Tolman let us know that they slept at the mission home, with the lights on because they didn't know how to turn them off and were too tired to ask how.

We're so grateful to know that he's doing well, and "already loved" by Sister Tolman (her words).  She also let us know that they were happy to have a fellow Arizonan and that they could tell he was a hard worker and ready to get started.  

Gator will be serving in Upolu.  This is the main island--but he will be sent to the "back-side" which Sister Tolman said is fairly primitive--although not as much as Savai'i. 

Can't wait to get his first letter!!

Elder Mark Hunter II
Samoa Apia Mission
P.O. Box 608
Pago Pago, American Samoa

Friday, August 22, 2014

Kinda Freaking out

Talofa Aiga!

Well...I really don't know what to say. This will most likely be my last email for two years so I'm kinda freaking out. I've had to walk away from the computer screen a couple of times to gather my thoughts. Well here it goes:

-Today is officially my last day at the MTC and I'm so excited!!! This place is a prison...don't let my previous emails fool you...haha just kidding but I am looking forward to serving

-My companion, Elder Wallwork, broke his pinky playing volleyball. It really sucks because his new date to leave it September 17 I think...It's a bummer because he is such a stud, but He is being really positive about it so I'm very impressed.

-I have officially been given a new mailing address so here it is:
Elder Mark Hunter II
Samoa Apia Mission
P.O. Box 608
Pago Pago, American Samoa

This should get to me a lot a faster, and I have no email so make sure to write often!!!

-My teacher Uso Kinnison and I are skux deluxe(maori term haha) and we are hanging out socially when I get back...fact. Haha and I've decided to be his wingman at BYU if he isn't married by then. :)

-I have been really blessed to have met so many people here who I feel will be life long friends :)

Well Curt and Tanner's letters make them seem like two new apostles, so here is a little spiritual goodness:

Not too much this week but I'd just like to testify of the importance of obedience. 
I haven't been perfect in the MTC but I have definitely noticed a significant difference when I'm obedient and when I'm not...

Our Branch President gave us a great quote the other day that I've really taken to heart.
"We are here to be tested by God, not to test God." 
It has helped me a lot and I hope it will help you all as well.

Another topic of interest:
"Lock Your Heart" -Spencer W. Kimball
Some of the members of my district have had a hard time with having the sisters on the same our teacher recommended this talk. It was very powerful and I definitely recommend. 

Well I love you all and I'll see you in two!!!

Alofa atu,
Elder Hunter S.G.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It doesn't seem that long

Talofa Aiga!

7 days left!!! It's crazy to think that I'm almost out of here.
 Sometimes I feel like I've been in here forever, but looking back now it doesn't seem that long.
 Thank you all so much for the care packages and messages.  I love them and my companion loves to eat them. haha.

Please DearElder me some more info.
Dad, I appreciate all of your advice on obedience, it has really blessed me here.  

Still working on my Samoan.  Harder than I thought, but it's getting better :)

Alofa atu,
Elder Hunter


PO Box 608
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2 G's in the MTC

One of the greatest gifts I've ever received was from Bolivia.  
It came in the form of an 18 year old boy that I call "G", because despite years of practice I cannot roll my "r's" to properly pronounce Gerardo- his first name.  
Who knew that 15 years later, that Bolivian boy that we hosted before his mission would become the Peruvian MTC manager, 
and my son- his once soccer pupil, 
would again meet in Provo during both of their trainings! 
 I love that this picture makes Samoa and Peru look like just a pond-skip away from each other.  
Today I thank God for always placing good people in our lives!

Friday, August 15, 2014

The songbird of my generation

Talofa Aiga!

So I got my flight plans and I leave the 23rd!!! Honestly so stoked!!! This place is a prison... Haha just kidding its ok I'm just ready to get to work! Well here are my highlights of the week:

-Nessi came!!!!! I was honestly so happy to see him!

The new Tongan district is pretty cool and we have been showing them the ropes around campus. Also I saw my friend Rigdon from our rugby team the other day! He's going to the Phillippines and he'll do awesome!
-My district has officially started up our own black tie market haha, we are constantly trading ties so please send a bunch of my old ones!!!

-A little bittersweet, one of our teachers Uso Anesone showed us a slideshow of his mission. Samoa is amazing, I'm so ready to get out there! He also showed us pics from his wedding…which was even more evidence that if you work hard on your mission you get a hot wife, So I've definitely been more committed this week haha :)

-I've been affectionately given the nickname "David Archuleta" by my district because of my singing, which I mean there are worse things..:) They call me the songbird of my generation…:)
-We got a new Branch President and he's kinda strict but a good guy (We have moved Fifa Mondays to Fifa Fridays however :) ).

-Oh so apparently there are these huge centipedes in Samoa whose name in Samoan literally means "To God Quickly" because their bites hurt so bad you want to go to God quickly, so that's fantastic...
-Love the Fijian district haha hands-down the most rowdy but they are soo funny!

I guess I should probably throw in a little spiritual so here is it:
Since the first week we have been working with this "investigator" named Faleniko. We have taught him lessons twelve times, yet we haven't gotten a commitment out of him. But this week we finally committed him to be baptized!!! It was such an awesome experience. 
I cannot wait to get out into the field! 

Also like to make a big shout out to the Farnsworths! Thanks You so much for the care package it was awesome!!! Well, next friday is my last day for emailing for two so I'll try to make it a really good one! Alofa atu!

-Elder Hunter S.G.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thank You

Talofa Aiga!

How's the homefront? Glad to hear from you, and thank you all for the care
packages (especially Nana's :) ) Things are going here...haha honestly not
that much to report but here are a couple of things:

-I don't know why, but I love making my teacher feel awkward haha. He makes
the strangest face and I always bust up laughing, so the other day in class
he told us that we could as him any question as long as we wrote it on the
board. This was intended fro questions about the Plan of Salvation, but I
wanted to make things interesting :) I wrote, "What is your favorite movie
for cuddle sessions?" Haha you should have seen the look on his face when
he saw it! There were all of these deep doctrinal questions and then he saw
mine and he was so flustered! It was HILARIOUS! haha
-I'm so stoked for Nesi, but it's a little bittersweet because the current
Tongans are actually pretty cool guys. (They suck at the Pacific Games, but
they're pretty cool :) )
- I saw LUKE!!! but he's on the West campus which kinda sucks because I
only see him at devotionals...
-I'm kinda the Hall ball MVP... Two goals, with a clutch goal in shoot's whatever
-I've started the salt shaker prank, so no ones food is safe.
-not gonna lie feeling a little rebellious (Thank you Aunt Shauna for the
laser pointer, amusement for hours :) ).

Not much of a spiritual message this week sorry, just that we are kinda
becoming the oldest district so we've kinda had to step up to the plate
because the other districts look up to us. Pretty cool.
Well I'm going to need address for Siah and E. Looking forward to talking
to them. Thank you King Family for the facebook post! Very thoughtful :)
And Rian I absolutely love your emails so keep sending them!

Keep using they really are awesome! I love you all!!!
Alofa Atu,

Elder Hunter a.k.a Samoan Groberg

Friday, August 1, 2014

Four-Square King

Talofa Aiga!

I don't know how to put this but....I'm kind of the four-square king at the MTC. Haha :) How's everyone doing? Happy to hear from you all, Rian and Thayne I really loved your emails especially! Well here is yet another update:

-Elder Fauatea left...:( and the Fijians who replaced him are crazy loud. Security is at our residents every night... But I know he will do awesome in Anaheim!
-BYU isn't looking too bad to me haha, I just found out BYU-I wont let you wear shorts so...I'm kinda thinking BYU or BYU Hawaii when I return. Also Elder Leataua in my district has committed to BYU, so when we get back he could hook me up with some free tickets :)
-I've found the true key to's called cookies and cream milk :) haha

Everything is going pretty well here, the days are starting to go by faster, which is good because it means I get to P-day faster haha. Now for the Spiritual:
This sunday's devotional was amazing...the speaker was.....Brother John H. Groberg!!!! Yes the guy the movie "The Other Side of Heaven" was made after! It was such an amazing talk, and he's a really cool guy...even though he went to Tonga..:) haha just kidding. His talk was on bearing testimony and the importance of doing so frequently and to as many people as possible. It's a little basic, but here is mine in Samoan:

Ou te iloa e moni le ekalesia mamona. Ou te iloa lo matou Tama Fa'alelagi alofa. Ou te molimau atu e moni Iosefa Samita se perofeta. Ou te mautinoa o lo'o soifua Thomas S. Monson le perofeta. I le suafa a Iesu Keriso amene...

The talk was very powerful to me...He then showed a clip from the movie, when they were at sea and there was no wind to push there boat. Elder Groberg and his companions prayed to God for wind, but none came. So his companion told him to hop into a row boat with him. I loved his quote, "Today...I will be the Lord's wind." They were then able to make it to their appointment and teach a loving family... I really took this to heart and would like you all to know that everyday I make a similar commitment. Today I will be the Lord's wind..

Well I love you all, and hope to hear from you soon. I've found that is the fastest way to get messages to me, so maybe try it out :)

Alofa atu,
Elder Hunter a.k.a Samoan Groberg