Monday, April 4, 2016

It is amazing here…..

As promised, me on my sister bike

Malo Soifua Aiga!

It was a pretty good week all in all. Not really too much to report. I am happy and healthy and hope that you all are as well. Here is the update:
-Yesterday was fast sunday for us. We don't get conference till this week because of the time change so don't tell me anything haha. I had a cool experience though. My companion and I have been looking for new investigators and so we decided to fast for some. It was so cool because that sunday we got a new investigator who came to church :) It just goes to show that there is power in prayer and fasting.

-We have been doing a lot of exchanges with the youth in our ward, which I have really enjoyed. My companion and I basically finish together so I is nice to give back and help guys who are preparing to serve.

-seriously it is amazing here it is going to be really hard when I go home

All is good here, I'm happy that all is going well at home. I hope you all have a great week :)


Elder Hunter

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