Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sister Bike' s tire popped

Malo Soifua Aiga!

A pretty normal week, not too shabby just kinda average. 

Here is the update:

-Sister Bike' s tire popped so I'm trying to switch it for a new one :) We will see though. 

-We had to push a baptism back but hopefully it'll happen soon.

-Conference was fantastic! Uchtdorf was on fire haha I totally thought of Dad and his side of the family when he said, "for those of you who don't speak the Celestial language it means…" haha 

-Also I loved Jeffrey R. Holland's talk and it really helped me get excited for this week of work. 

No matter where we are at, Our Heavenly Father is happy with any improvement that we do make and we should always keep trying because Heaven is cheering for us. 
A powerful message. :)

- Tell Haley congrats on the papers and Rian congrats on the catapult. Thayne stop growing!!! haha

All is going well here, it is just pouring rain. I hope you all have a great week though.

Alofa Aku,
Elder Hunter

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