Monday, October 6, 2014

Care Packages

Talofa Aiga!

 Yet another interesting week in SAMOA!!! Never a dull moment here. Wow where to start. O.K here I go:
-I think the rats that live above us had babies because there are definitely a lot more and Elder Mo'o just had some pee all over his suitcase...awesome

-My Samoan is improving, slowly, but getting better. It's funny listening to the other Elders who have been out here for a year try to speak English.

-To answer your question mom. I don't really have a bed, it's kind of live a super thin piece of yeah haha but I'm used to it and I'm usually so tired I knock out anyways.

-I'm getting more used to the food, but I still get sick sometimes. I got to eat Lobster the other day though, not Lobra for once, actual Lobster. I think it's safe to say I'm one of the only missions that gets that!

-Obedience to not watching t.v. is kind of impossible here. We were at the Fofoga at Bishop's the other night and they had the T.V. on. I asked if they could turn it off, and he said, "You can close your eyes elder." So yeah, that's Samoa haha

-They have the worst remixes here haha. They combined a Little John song with another rapper and a reggae song haha.

-We cover three wards here: Samata muamua, Samata lua, and Fagafou. We usually go to two wards every sunday. You thought three hours of church was long, try six in a language you still don't understand very well...fantastic

-really looking forward to General Conference, We may get it in English! we will be watching this sunday at the stake center.
So spiritual story:

I was on a split with the zone leaders in a village called FaleLima. This guy in our ward asked if we could pray for him because he wasn't having very good thoughts and was all around having a bad day. I told him we could give him a blessing, and so I did. Awesome experience! Very cool, and you could tell there was a significant difference made.
Funny story:

They didn't have any bread for sacrament this they used cookies instead... I can honestly say that was a first. Elder Mo'o and I were cracking up though because after it was passed, one of the deacons shoved like four cookies in his mouth haha!
All is going well here though. I love you all so much! KEEP WRITING!!! I have gotten your letters and I love them. I need to be better at writing rather that emails. Also send packages we love them here haha. Alofa Atu!

Elder Hunter S.G.

Separate E-mail to his sister:

Rian Marie,
Thank You so much for the email I loved It!!!! Keep writing please. And get mom to send me some more packages :) O te alofa ia te oe!
Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunter S.G.

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