Monday, September 29, 2014

Transferred to email and Savaii

Talofa Aiga!

First of all, this email should have been sent two weeks ago but we have had some difficulty with the internet out here, but we can email now!!! 

Wow, it's been absolutely insane out here. I sent a letter explaining my first area, so hopefully you got it. Biggest news, I got transferred from Upolu to Savaii. I'm currently serving in Samata and Fagafou and I've been made a District leader! Craziness, but here is the rest of the update:

-My new comp's name is Elder Mo'o from Kapolei, Hawaii. He is way cool, and I love my zone. 
-I love my Mission President! He and Sister Tolman are amazing, and I look forward to seeing them after the mission.

-I'm currently living with a fam. Difficult at times, but they are really kind.

But yeah living conditions…
 leaky pipe for a shower, mosquito nets, rats all over my room, you know the works haha

-I've been flashed six times…so that's been an adventure. 
-Language still isn't great but I'm getting better.

-We have one baptism lined up for the 18th and another potential!

-I'm still kind of getting used to the food. I lost 15 pounds in my first two weeks, but now I'm getting used to it, and have got some of it back.

So here's my funny mission story:

So Elder Mo'o and I went to a Fofoga the other night and we ate something called U'u. Basically looks like a combination between a lobster and a cobra ( I'm calling it a Lobra.) Freakin'  crazy. Elder Mo'o told me I had to eat the whole thing. Brain, intestines, butt, etc. He said it would be super disrespectful not to. So I did...Nastiest thing ever!!! seriously the intestines and waste flopped on the plate and I ate it all! So mad at him at him afterwards because he said he was totally messin....I basically at Lobster Crap.... But I got a lot of respect from the village so thats good.

Well, it's been a pretty big culture shock. But it is really great here. I look forward to hearing back from all of you!
 Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunter S.G.

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