Sunday, October 12, 2014

Crying over SPAM

Talofa Aiga,

Another week on the island of Samoa!!! Never a dull moment here haha.
Dang crazy to here about Hamilton, I can only imagine what that film session was like the next morning...

 Chad has his papers in!!! That's amazing! My guess: England. We'll see what happens but that's great! Well here is the update:
-My first baptism is on October 18th! Her name is Ituau, and I'm super excited for her. It's been amazing watching how the Gospel has changed her life. No it will not be in the ocean haha they have fonts here.

-I'm getting better at teaching the lessons in Samoan which is good. I need to get better at my conversational stuff but it's all good.

-A previous companion, got sent home last week. He was at another members house playing pool, when his new comp brought a girl into their house. the epikopo came in and beat up his comp. He got sent home for not being with his comp. I'm very grateful and blessed to be out of that situation because it could have been me getting sent home for the other Elder being stupid.

-I had the best Fofoga ever the other night!!! Rice, Tang, Chop Suey, and Fried SPAM!!! We never get Spam out here and it was amazing...I'm not going to lie I shed a little tear when she brought it out. :)

So conference kind of sucked here haha. They told us they were going to get an English version, but they didn't. All Samoan...Didn't understand like any of it. Bummer... 
Oh so you'll love this. They had the broadcast at the ward building on Sunday. We watched the first session, and then the Bishop got tired and told everybody that the Stake President told him that they didn't have to watch the second session, so no one watched the second session of sunday...only in Samoa
Spiritual Story:
I wanted to do something from conference but that didn't really happen. But I've been reading "Our Search For Happiness." M. Russell Ballard. Amazing book! So well written. I'd like to make the challenge for you all to read it and then share it. It is such a great description of our church and what we are all about. Please share with your friends of other faiths. BE BOLD! I look back and regret not taking advantage of missionary opportunities I had at home.
Reccomendatiion to future missionaries:
Don't purchase anything from Palmeroy's or Mr. Mac, all of my stuff from there is kinda falling apart. Thankful for tape haha
Mother, it usually takes about 2-4 weeks for mail to get to me. My day is filled with lots of visits and lessons. I sent a letter that goes into better detail. I have gotten a lot of mail from you all including Nana's packages and Mama Pierce's. I wrote them back. All is going well. Keep sending mail and packages! They really make P-Day. Ou te alofa ia te outou!
Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunter

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