Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's not a letter- but it's news!!

No- I haven't heard from him!  But.. Here are a couple of pictures from Sister Tolman's blog and a little bit of news....

Gator and President and Sister Tolman the day after he arrived in Samoa

Gator and who we think is his new companion.

And now the big news!!! (Taken from Sister Tolman's blog)

The Samoa mission is now an emailing mission! When we carefully look at past experiences, we can clearly see the Lord's hand in His work and our lives. Emailing in Samoa just a couple of years ago proved to be impossible. Internet cafes are very scarce. Not all church buildings had internet and there was no network on the island. Now every church building has internet and computers. The stake presidents and bishops will be working with the missionaries to give them access to the buildings so they can email their families, send a letter to President Tolman and report their work electronically. We are thrilled and so thankful for the positive cooperation of the stake presidents. Parents, be patient; it may take a couple of weeks to work out the bugs. God is good, and we are sweetly blessed to witness how He is hastening His work.

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