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Letter dated August 29th

Talofa Aiga!

Wow... well where to begin haha.  The last four days have been insane.  Here are some things I've learned about Samoa:

Onamu O Satani. Ha ha seriously.  I freakin' hate these mosquitos.  I look like I have chicken pox

Children refuse to call you by your name.  Any time, and everytime I'm walking down the road I hear, "Fa Tia! (my companion) Fa Palagi! I guess I'm destined to be called white boy forever! haha

Breastfeeding.. Plublic display is quite socially acceptable.  Elder Tia and I were at a Fofoga (dinner) and the Tina just whipped it out, because no one goes hungry at the Fofoga- especially the baby! haha

Not a whole lot of respect fo the throne.  Honestly, our bathroom was digusting.  I had to spend like 2 hours cleaning it before using it. A man has got to have faith in his toilet...enough said

The people here are absolutely amazing. Everyday we have our meals taken care of and the culture is to have the missionaries and the Tama eat before the aiga.  A little different, but I try not to eat very much so the aiga will get a lot.

Here is kind of my schedule of meals:
Breakfast:  Saimimi and mas (ramen and sweet bread)
Lunch: Rice (carb), Taro (carb), saimimi (carb) chicken (ususally fried), palosami (basically creamed spinach on steriods...(so GOOD!!!)
Fofoga: Saimimi and lamb, Taro, chop suey, and sometimes sausage!
 And ALWAYS Cocoa Samoa!
I swear it's drank more than water.  Super strong.  Not a huge fan at first, but I'm getting used to it.

Overall I'd say Dad wouldn't do well on a mission here :)  Haha.  I love you paps. 
Ou te alofa ia te oe Tama.

Well...In some ways things are way different than what I expected, yet in other ways, there are just what I thought.  

So my companion's name is Elder Tia and he is a Samoan Native from Upolu.  His English is very good and he's a great guy.  Kindof colorful past.  He told me how he used to be a drug dealer, and that instead of moving the cocaine, he took it for himself.  He said his boss found out and shot him.  It missed his heart and only got him in the shoulder.  He felt that God had saved him for a reason so he turned hi life around and decided to serve a mission.  Pretty Crazy... He's solid though and he cracks me up all of the time.

My first area is on Upolu.  It is in an area called Falelatai and the village is called Siufaga.  It is absolutely amazing here.  Hands-down the prettiest place on Earth.  Very difficult not to swim because the water is crystal-clear and breath-taking.

The girls here really do like the palagi's. Everytime we walk past this one fale they start giggling.  I'm staying clean though and keep my goals in mind.  

The dogs arent' an issue in this area. They know who th missionaries are and they leave us alone.

Well know that I love and miss you all.  I've been struggling a lot this week and have been really homesick... but then I remind myself why I'm serving and it goes away.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunta SG

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