Friday, August 15, 2014

The songbird of my generation

Talofa Aiga!

So I got my flight plans and I leave the 23rd!!! Honestly so stoked!!! This place is a prison... Haha just kidding its ok I'm just ready to get to work! Well here are my highlights of the week:

-Nessi came!!!!! I was honestly so happy to see him!

The new Tongan district is pretty cool and we have been showing them the ropes around campus. Also I saw my friend Rigdon from our rugby team the other day! He's going to the Phillippines and he'll do awesome!
-My district has officially started up our own black tie market haha, we are constantly trading ties so please send a bunch of my old ones!!!

-A little bittersweet, one of our teachers Uso Anesone showed us a slideshow of his mission. Samoa is amazing, I'm so ready to get out there! He also showed us pics from his wedding…which was even more evidence that if you work hard on your mission you get a hot wife, So I've definitely been more committed this week haha :)

-I've been affectionately given the nickname "David Archuleta" by my district because of my singing, which I mean there are worse things..:) They call me the songbird of my generation…:)
-We got a new Branch President and he's kinda strict but a good guy (We have moved Fifa Mondays to Fifa Fridays however :) ).

-Oh so apparently there are these huge centipedes in Samoa whose name in Samoan literally means "To God Quickly" because their bites hurt so bad you want to go to God quickly, so that's fantastic...
-Love the Fijian district haha hands-down the most rowdy but they are soo funny!

I guess I should probably throw in a little spiritual so here is it:
Since the first week we have been working with this "investigator" named Faleniko. We have taught him lessons twelve times, yet we haven't gotten a commitment out of him. But this week we finally committed him to be baptized!!! It was such an awesome experience. 
I cannot wait to get out into the field! 

Also like to make a big shout out to the Farnsworths! Thanks You so much for the care package it was awesome!!! Well, next friday is my last day for emailing for two so I'll try to make it a really good one! Alofa atu!

-Elder Hunter S.G.

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