Friday, August 22, 2014

Kinda Freaking out

Talofa Aiga!

Well...I really don't know what to say. This will most likely be my last email for two years so I'm kinda freaking out. I've had to walk away from the computer screen a couple of times to gather my thoughts. Well here it goes:

-Today is officially my last day at the MTC and I'm so excited!!! This place is a prison...don't let my previous emails fool you...haha just kidding but I am looking forward to serving

-My companion, Elder Wallwork, broke his pinky playing volleyball. It really sucks because his new date to leave it September 17 I think...It's a bummer because he is such a stud, but He is being really positive about it so I'm very impressed.

-I have officially been given a new mailing address so here it is:
Elder Mark Hunter II
Samoa Apia Mission
P.O. Box 608
Pago Pago, American Samoa

This should get to me a lot a faster, and I have no email so make sure to write often!!!

-My teacher Uso Kinnison and I are skux deluxe(maori term haha) and we are hanging out socially when I get back...fact. Haha and I've decided to be his wingman at BYU if he isn't married by then. :)

-I have been really blessed to have met so many people here who I feel will be life long friends :)

Well Curt and Tanner's letters make them seem like two new apostles, so here is a little spiritual goodness:

Not too much this week but I'd just like to testify of the importance of obedience. 
I haven't been perfect in the MTC but I have definitely noticed a significant difference when I'm obedient and when I'm not...

Our Branch President gave us a great quote the other day that I've really taken to heart.
"We are here to be tested by God, not to test God." 
It has helped me a lot and I hope it will help you all as well.

Another topic of interest:
"Lock Your Heart" -Spencer W. Kimball
Some of the members of my district have had a hard time with having the sisters on the same our teacher recommended this talk. It was very powerful and I definitely recommend. 

Well I love you all and I'll see you in two!!!

Alofa atu,
Elder Hunter S.G.

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