Friday, August 1, 2014

Four-Square King

Talofa Aiga!

I don't know how to put this but....I'm kind of the four-square king at the MTC. Haha :) How's everyone doing? Happy to hear from you all, Rian and Thayne I really loved your emails especially! Well here is yet another update:

-Elder Fauatea left...:( and the Fijians who replaced him are crazy loud. Security is at our residents every night... But I know he will do awesome in Anaheim!
-BYU isn't looking too bad to me haha, I just found out BYU-I wont let you wear shorts so...I'm kinda thinking BYU or BYU Hawaii when I return. Also Elder Leataua in my district has committed to BYU, so when we get back he could hook me up with some free tickets :)
-I've found the true key to's called cookies and cream milk :) haha

Everything is going pretty well here, the days are starting to go by faster, which is good because it means I get to P-day faster haha. Now for the Spiritual:
This sunday's devotional was amazing...the speaker was.....Brother John H. Groberg!!!! Yes the guy the movie "The Other Side of Heaven" was made after! It was such an amazing talk, and he's a really cool guy...even though he went to Tonga..:) haha just kidding. His talk was on bearing testimony and the importance of doing so frequently and to as many people as possible. It's a little basic, but here is mine in Samoan:

Ou te iloa e moni le ekalesia mamona. Ou te iloa lo matou Tama Fa'alelagi alofa. Ou te molimau atu e moni Iosefa Samita se perofeta. Ou te mautinoa o lo'o soifua Thomas S. Monson le perofeta. I le suafa a Iesu Keriso amene...

The talk was very powerful to me...He then showed a clip from the movie, when they were at sea and there was no wind to push there boat. Elder Groberg and his companions prayed to God for wind, but none came. So his companion told him to hop into a row boat with him. I loved his quote, "Today...I will be the Lord's wind." They were then able to make it to their appointment and teach a loving family... I really took this to heart and would like you all to know that everyday I make a similar commitment. Today I will be the Lord's wind..

Well I love you all, and hope to hear from you soon. I've found that is the fastest way to get messages to me, so maybe try it out :)

Alofa atu,
Elder Hunter a.k.a Samoan Groberg

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