Monday, February 16, 2015

Pods and Tim-Tams


Malo Soifua Aiga!

Well to be honest there really isn't too much to update you all on this week. So happy to hear about the work back home! Missionary work truly is an amazing thing :) Well here is the update:

-We got the transfer calls and......I'm staying. I should be here for at least 6 more weeks to finish my soa's training. All is going well between the two of us. It was a bit of an adjustment at first due to cultural differences, but we are all good now. He's honestly a really cool guy, and if I get the chance to go to Australia I plan on visiting him.

-I officially found a slice of heaven in the shape of some sweets. Pods and Tim-Tams....delicious hahaha They are both from Australia and New Zealand and I need more hahaha. My soa got a box and shared some and I almost cried when they were gone...:)

Honestly, that's about it for this week. I got Nana's box so thank you Nana!!! I love you soo much! I hope you all have a great week and a Happy Valentine's Day! Alofa Atu Outou!

-Elda Hunka S.G.

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