Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm officially a time traveler!

Malo Soifua Aiga!

Oh the stories I have to tell you all this week hahaha All I have to
say is enjoy:

-While serving in Lotopa those 4 days with Elder Harn and Nausa, a
lady bought us all lunch and started talking to us. 
Here name is Sister Sherman and she lives in Boston. She apparently grew up and
went to Pesega (the church college here) and went to school with
Brother Schwenke and wanted me to say hi. Her Maiden name was Moores,
and she was really nice. Small world haha

-I came over on Wednesday on this sketchy plane and got to Tutuila on
Tuedsay. I'm officially a time-traveler :)

Tutuila is so much different then Savaii. Sidewalks, everyone has a
truck, American products...Needless to say I am very happy here :) It
is still kind of a culture shock but I am really enjoying it :)

-My ward is really strong and has almost 500 members, only about 248
came on Sunday so I will be working primarily with less-actives. 
I met a guy who calls himself "U.S.A" hahaha he won't tell me his real name

-I officially ate the legendary Marvin Burger. 3 patties, 3 pieces of
cheese, and 3 pieces of bacon...I was in heaven hahaha :) I've made a
rule that I can only have 2 a month haha

-I met Brent Schwenke, Brother Schwenke's older brother. He is in a
different ward, but we all go to the same chapel. It was really cool!
He sends his love  :)

I have 10 in my district, I walk everywhere, tons of hills
which is good .   I'm adjusted, and working hard! 
My comp is a stud :) I LOVE TUTUILA!!!!!

-I'll be sending my camera home because it broke...:( Do you mind
trying to fix it? Thanks :)

Oh and I got bit by a dog...they are terrible here!!! Luckily it was
just a taster-it didn't break the skin but yeah… I used my umbrella against it, so I have to buy another one because one dog
bit a huge chunk in it…hahaha

It has been a culture shock but it has been good :) I hope you all
have a great week :)

Alofa atu outou!
Elder Hunter

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