Sunday, November 23, 2014

Three strikes and I'm Uma!

My New District

Talofa Aiga!!!

It was a good week in Samoa! Some random stuff happened so never a dull moment haha. Here's the update:
-The work is starting to pick up in our area which is cool.  We have really focused on praying for each individual family. 

-I was sitting in a lesson when I felt something on my head. I grabbed it and it was a lizard. I threw it away from me. At the next lesson, another lizard crawled on me... Pretty random but I thought, "What are the chances twice in one day?"

-Everyone asks "Have you got a girlfriend yet?"  Haha, yeah- no.

-I bought a belt made out of a cow from this guy. 
It's really cool looking and I named her "Lola." :)

-I was able to give a blessing to a less-active member which was really cool. She is staying with her uncle right now now who is strong Loku Kaiti (Tahitian Church), so he makes her go there. Once she leaves she says she is going back to our church. It was a cool experience and she says she is going to try and share Le Tusi A Mamona with her family.

Spiritual Experience:

There is this guy named Avii in our village who just got home from his mission in Australia. His testimony was very powerful, and it was very clear that he returned with honor. He said how before the mission, he was a strong smoker and really didn't like the church, but that the missionaries would always visit him and befriended him. He said that they convinced him to go change and to go on a mission. He said it was the best decision he ever made. Everyone in the village is so impressed by how much he has changed, it was really cool!

Funny Experience:
I'm a three strikes your out type of person...So when I found the first piece of hair in my food at a Fofoga I thought, "Oh that's just the mission, haha awesome." 
The second piece I thought, "Man it's just not my day." 
Finally, third piece of hair and I was like 
"Uma."(Finished-done)  haha 

I want you all to know that I love you all very much. The Gospel is so true. I love hearing about home, keep it up! 

Alofa Atu,
Elder Hunter S.G.

Wish List: .....Christmas is coming: Old fashioned rat traps and a Hamilton Sticker

This is a guy in my ward feeding his chickens

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